A Chilled Indian Paradise – Varkala

It has a strange name and quite a few people (including local Indians) haven’t heard of it, but Varkala (pronounced “Var-colour”), is one of India’s hidden gem travel destinations. The fine sandy beach stretches from the warm sea a hundred meters before, reaching the steep cliffs that tower high into the air. On top of “Varkala Cliff” a strip of “rustic” seaside restaurants and guest houses provide food and shelter to travellers here to relax, do Yoga or spend time relaxing on the beach.

Restaurants all offer a similar mix of Indian, Chinese, Tibetan and western type food. The culinary highlight of Varkala though, is seafood. Local fishermen sell their product to the local fish market, which in turn sell to the restaurants. Fish, prawns, calamari and even shark are displayed along the cliff enticing customers into one of the many eateries – along with Kingfisher beers and happy hour discounted cocktails.

It’s easy to find your way into one of these restaurants, take a seat on their roof terrace, sip a coffee and lose yourself for a few hours, reading or simply overlooking the beach from the vantage of the cliff


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