Cooking in Karela, India

Since arriving in India almost three months ago, I’ve not been short of food options, and am yet to have a bad meal. From the amazing street food in Rajasthan, to the fine restaurants in Mumbai, authentic cuisine in Kerala or the home cooked meals we’ve enjoyed in Varkala made by our “Indian Mother” Leela, its been a taste explosion. I mentioned before that in the last three months I’ve eaten mostly vegetarian food and some seafood (since being in Kerala) and, despite it being completely different to my normal diet I’ve really enjoyed this way of eating.

Today we decided to learn how to cook some of the dishes that we’ve been eating since we arrived in India. So we did an Indian cooking course where we learnt to make: Dal Fry (lentils), Vegetable Pakora, Lemon Rice, Kerala Style Chicken Curry, Chapati and Lemon Rice.


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