Discovering Life in Pai (Thailand)

“I went to Pai for three days and ended up staying a week”.

This is something that you read when you do any research on the small mountainside town of Pai, Northern Thailand. So in sticking with tradition – I went to Pai with enough clothing and a plan to go for two days and ended up staying for two weeks.

The area, surrounded by mountains, natural forests and rice fields, is a picturesque escape 130 kilometers north of Chiang Mai. The road from Chiang Mai to Pai (and onto Mae Hong Son), is a renowned mountain pass with, according to the souvenir T-shirts for sale in Pai, 762 curves. Arriving in Pai you’re presented with a host of accommodation options from cheap hostels catering to backpackers, to medium priced bungalows, and premium hotels and guest houses built onto the river or onto the side of the mountains.


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